How to Ski Faster in 5 Easy Steps

Ski Faster

If you are in the Whistler Blackcomb or Mont Tremblant, you have probably seen people skiing as if they were crazy. In order not to have such impression it is important to know a few things so you can also start skiing as fast as possible. We have some useful information divided in 5 easy steps that will help you become a professional much faster, read full post here!

1. Knowing the rules of Skiing

Learn to evaluate the difficulty of the track. You can see how hard it is a track by the symbol on the track marker or ski map. The signs (symbols) are the same in almost all the ski slopes in the world. They are:

• A green circle indicates an easy track, or trail for beginners. She is not very fast, has few obstacles, and not very long.

• A blue square indicates an intermediate track. She may have some obstacles or be steeper, and you should avoid it until you’ve mastered the easier slopes.

• A black diamond indicates a difficult track. It contains obstacles, mounds of snow, and a steep ramp with a narrow descent path. Do not try to ski on a track like this if you are inexperienced. While you may think that you are ready (a), you probably are not. Many people were injured while trying to ski in a very difficult track very soon. Mont Tremblant accommodations can also go over this information with you.

• A double black diamond or an exclamation point indicates a track that should only be skiing by excellent skiers. Do not go down a track like this, unless you have already mastered all the other tracks. It is also a good idea to go together (a) someone. When you are ready (a) for a double black, check that the signal is not marked with an “EX” in the middle. This indicates a “Experts Only” (only for experts), the single most difficult track than heli skiing tracks (tracks where skiers are left by helicopter, very prone to avalanches).

These difficulty ratings are only compared to other tracks in the same ski resort. Therefore, a track marked with a blue square in one office may be more challenging than a track marked with a black diamond in another office. For this reason, when skiing for the first time in a resort, you should always start with a green lane and go testing each track, even if you are an experienced skier.

2 Know who is to preference.

The person in front of you (ie, below you on the mountain) is preferred. It is your responsibility to avoid it, even if it falls in front of you. So the best approach is to keep a good distance from those who are ahead.

3 Always be in control

Ski Faster

It is your responsibility to know what speed and level of difficulty can ski. Do not go to a black track simply because you think you were born with talent, but in practice never skied. You run the risk of getting hurt or seriously hurt another person.

4 Do not stop if it cannot be seen by those coming above you.

It is common to take a break to rest while skiing, but never do it if obstruct the path or cannot be seen by those coming your way.

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