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5 Best Hotels in Whistler BC

Whistler Blackcomb skiing is one of the most popular pastimes at the resort today.  Of course, most people go for the slopes and shops and if you plan on travelling there too, you will enjoy it no matter what you plan to do there.  However, when you go on vacation, you want to get the very best especially with your hotel.  You don’t want to be left with a hotel that isn’t great, but what are some of the best hotels in Whistler BC?  Here are 5 best hotels to choose from.

The Sundial Boutique Hotel

This hotel is a thing of beauty!  You will immediately recognize it when you see the grand scale of the building; it’s simply beautiful and depending on which room you get, the views will be spectacular.  The Sundial Boutique Hotel is a little pricy but of course, this is a Boutique hotel which means the prices can be a little higher but not too bad.  There is an outdoor pool as well as Wi-Fi available; and there is a built in restaurant with a lot of other features too.  What is more, you can get out of bed and head off to do some Whistler Blackcomb skiing!

Nita Lake Lodge

Nita Lake Lodge is really quite beautiful and the room rates are quite affordable as well which is always a plus point!  The views from here are simply spectacular and you will love the luxury it offers as well.  Its only metres away from the Creekside gondola and there is even a built in spa so you can enjoy the time you spend there.  It really does have so much to offer. Just like Park City rentals, this is one of the best Whistler Blackcomb BC accommodations available today.

Aava Whistler Hotel

This gorgeous hotel can be found just seconds away from the Whistler Village and the sights you will see from your room will be well worth the money you pay!  Aava has to be one of the best Whistler Blackcomb hotels today because it’s perfectly situated and just looks fantastic.  You get Wi-Fi so you can stay in touch with friends or family and you have use of the fitness centre too.

Hilton Whistler Resort and Spa

Hilton has always been a big name and it isn’t difficult to see why.  When you set your eyes on this hotel, you are going to fall in love with it; really you are not going to want to leave ever!  This can be found right in the heart of the Whistler Village and it has so much to offer for such an affordable price.  You have access to the pool area as well as the gym and there is even a Jacuzzi to use.  If you want to go Whistler Blackcomb skiing, this is the place for you to stay.

Crystal Lodge

When you visit Crystal Lodge, you will believe its Christmas!  The gorgeous hotel just looks like something out of a movie but it’s just so beautiful.  You are literally on the doorstop of Whistler Blackcomb mountain range so you can ski to your heart’s content!  You will have access to the pool as well as the fitness and day spa.  However, there is also a barber and beauty shop just in case you’re in need of pampering!  Crystal Lodge has to be one of the best Whistler Blackcomb hotels in British Columbia today.

3 Ways to Get Cheap Ski Vacation Packages

Ski Vacation Packages

It has been given the start for the season 2015 for Snow in the main ski resorts such as the Whistler Blackcomb in Canada or Jackson Hole in USA. But there’s still time to plan and enjoy beautiful days of snowy mountains and friendly villages. After all, the cold came in with a lot of soft snow and low temperatures, which promises to yield a long season and success. In some seasons, the forecast is for operation by the end of April. Visit this website here!

You are already dating some snow destination and need a little push? Or feels a bit confusing to understand the main differences between a station and another? Your problems are over! We gather essential information on the major US ski resorts and Canada to help you better plan your next trip to the snow.And as I always say: just prepare gloves, hat and scarf and embark on different and fun trip to enjoy the snow!

How to get the best and cheapest tickets?

#1. buy before the season
# 2. always bargain
#3. research a lot!

If you are already following the 3 ways to get cheap ski vacation packages, now it is time you know why it is so worth it. We all know how amazing the Whistler Blackcomb Condo rentals are and therefore it is just amazing to know that it is possible to get there with little cash.
Considered one of the best skiing in the world, Whistler has increasingly attracted the eyes of the public and not for nothing. The station infrastructure and the snow quality is excellent even for first-timers.see http://skift.com/2015/02/15/new-england-resorts-welcome-skiers-with-fresh-powder-after-storms/

Break, you can still enjoy a few days in Vancouver.

Whistler is a mountain village that is home to many types of accommodations: from luxury hotels to apartments and cottages. In the heart of the city, you will find several restaurants, shops, art galleries and even ballads remain available after a day of activities in razz snow

Activities and news in season Whistler:

The last few years were major milestones for the season. In the opening of the famous gondola connecting the two mountain peaks of Whistler and Blackcomb, Whistler hosted part of the activities of the Winter Olympics.

The outdoor activity options are very generous in Whistler and come from the most adventurous to those traveling with little ones. There you can practice different snow sports such as alpine skiing, cross country skiing, snowboarding, heli-skiing, winter zipline, dog sledding, tubing (buoys), Snowshoeing with hiking, guided snowmobiling, horse-drawn carriages rides snow, ice skating, ice climbing, bungee jumping, treetop adventures (a type of tree climbing in snowy forest for the whole family), snowcat tour (that truck that hit the snow) and Olympic tour with bobsled.

If you want to increase further their days on the mountain, Whistler offers two different tours to be beautiful: the helicopter ride with panoramic overflights by the glaciers of the region and to visit the waterfall Brandywine Falls 20 minutes south of Whistler including trekking 15 minutes to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the region that, in the cold, it should be even more special.

Ski Vacation Packages

But do not worry if the cold too tightly, besides having a great hotel infrastructure, Whistler accommodations offer plenty of activities indoors as tasting tours, spas, movie nights, special events and climbing wall.

Season 2015 Whistler has begun and should extend until the beginning of April. There is still time for you to get a nice ski stay in Whistler Blackcomb