Three Skiing Essentials You May Not Have Considered Packing

Skiing Essentials

If you do not yet have your own ski clothes, you can rent them or buy them at ski stations or at Whistler Blackcomb shops and accommodations. To ensure maximum comfort, it is recommended that you buy all that you cannot or do not want to new post here!

As for skiing you use appropriate clothing, bring in your suitcase quite shirts and cotton sweaters, we will stay in contact with your skin. Cotton is a fabric that wicks perspiration, is hot and does not cause irritation. It is common that after two or three descents you are already walking without the top that clothes all waterproof. In the ski resorts sun presence is almost constant and, unless it winds, you inevitably feel heat, even when surrounded by snow.

Jackets, warm clothes, wool blazers will be mostly used for night outs and walks through the Villages. Like all closed establishments (indoor) and even the open courtyards of the bars and restaurants have heaters, it is common to go into a store or bar that you take your coat and stay only with a shirt or blouse. So choose to take the parts that can be taken as the ambient temperature, and prevent you from getting carrying a lot of clothes in your hands every time you go into a store, restaurant or bar or even when you are walking around the Whistler Blackcomb hotels, that definitely are a sight worth seeing.

Make sure you carry coats, the right ones!

Ideally, at least heavier coats are made of waterproof material and it helps to protect from the wind, and the clothes that will be in contact with the skin should be of natural fabrics. Beware pants and denim jackets, as slow-drying and may eventually freeze.

Do not forget to also protect the head and ears as caps, hats or tracks, and also the feet and hands. These peripheral areas are the ones that suffer most in winter. Avoid bringing tennis shoes and boots are not waterproof. In case you need tips, the staff from Whistler accommodations will guide you to find the right stores to get your clothes and accessories.

Check out our checklist before boarding and … good winter!

– Ski Clothing

1) pants or overalls
2) coat
3) knit turtleneck or fleece
4) long sleeve shirt
5) Thermal pants and shirt

– Ski Accessories

1) helmet
2) goggles or sunglasses
3) warmers
4) ski gloves
5) cap
6) turtleneck
7) ski track
8) ski socks
9) pantyhose

– After-ski

1) pants (jeans, sweatshirt, leather, velvet)
2) tights or long johns
3) longsleeve shirts and cotton
4) dress shirt
5) Teddy vest
6) wool cashmere pullover or
7) above
8) swimwear (bikini, swimwear)
9) pyjamas

– Accessories

1) hat or ear muffs
2) wool socks
3) Scarf
4) Leather gloves or fleece
5) iPod, iPad
6) sunglasses
7) or Nextel walkie-talkie
8) camera

Skiing Essentials

– Shoes

1) boot with rubber sole for the day
2) boots with rubber soles for the night (women)
3) slippers and tennis
4) ski boots, see it from

AND MORE: usual medicines, lip balm and sunscreen whenever you are at Whistler Blackcomb.

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